The Sparkling Lady

The Sparkling Lady


A Guinness World Records Face Paint Make-up Artist:


  The Sparkling Lady is a  Professional Face Paint Makeup   Artist.   Insured by  Summit America [Performers Insurance]
  Memberships: Central Jersey Face Paint Artists Guild; the International  Face Painting and Body Art  Association (FPBAA). Face Paint Forum (Master level).

Photo: The Sparkling Lady and Bonnie Koala in Australia

Distinctions: Listed in the Directory of Professional Make-up Artists.
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"All cosmetics using colored iron oxides as colorant have minute traces of metals; this would apply to blacks, browns and yellow colors. Better brands could have sixty times the current tested metal content and still be in compliance with FDA cosmetic laws. In fact, the metals content is lower in face paints than what is allowed by US law in children's candies."

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Our henna is made of natural lawsonia inermis plant leaves and other natural ingredients. No black dyes are ever used. Ephemeral henna designs fade naturally in a number of days. (For entertainment purposes only).