The Sparkling Lady

The Sparkling Lady



The Sparkling Lady

Sophisticated Parties and Events*
"Each face I paint, every glittering design, is unique; I love color and light."

As a Face Artist, Eve Silver is unmatched. Her free-hand and jeweled-glitter designs for sophisticated parties incorporate gleaming Swarovski crystals and are lovely and lasting. Her sophisticated work is sought at events nationwide. Her art brings her great joy.
Poet and Narrative Story Teller Eve Silver delights young and old, with stories of her Native heritage, expanding their cultural universe. Her melodic singing voice engages listeners far and wide.

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Hurucan Cyprian - 1932

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Eve's media: FDA compliant face and body paint make-up, skin safe glitter and ephemeral henna.

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 *Singing and Narrative engagements require extra    preparation. Please call 2-3 weeks in advance.